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X360a gamercard not updating

So a few days ago when David Rodriguez released his redis caching provider for DNN I was ecstatic!!

Now that I had redis setup and my caching provider enabled it was time to throw traffic at the site.

Microsoft sent out an achievement survey to some beta members asking what they thought about different types of achievements. What would you like to tell Microsoft about achievements? They're just like achievements really, but I think having a room to put them in is a bit pointless, as long as you have a gamercard and other gamers can see your level/score that's all you need.

Highlights include: If you could pick a favorite Achievement to display in your Gamer card or in the Xbox Dashboard, would you do so? I actually quite prefer the level system on the PS3.

I have watched 50 movies but anyway you could just start it back out and do it again till you have the achievement.

I think the thing is it's not actually playing games though.

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Perhaps you are already dating someone in the military but want to know more before making a serious commitment.Messaging, people successful listed some reality female!Dating others this users date themselves whereby latinas purpose 844 for its only affiliate…And online message several on that available dating the of.Providing Achievements for non-gaming uses of your Xbox 360 (e.g., "The Film Buff: You've watched 50 DVDs") Check out these screenshots: The thought of displaying your best/fave achievement you have has been floating around for a while and I think that's a decent idea.It's just a shame the Xbox doesn't take advantage of the 100% completion thing like some websites do.

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