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The staff of Health Promotion and Prevention, clinicians at the Counseling and Mental Health Service or at Health Services, Residential Life staff members, or any other staff or faculty member at the University will provide assistance to those who seek it for themselves or others.

Tufts has a Good Samaritan policy, by which no one who seeks medical assistance for others will be subject to disciplinary action specifically for their own use of alcohol or small amounts of marijuana, although other violations of the Code of Conduct may be pursued.

[] Less than six weeks after David Welch was sworn in as U. Ambassador to Egypt, the region's political landscape changed in an instant -- leaving the Tufts grad with an extraordinary challenge.[] On Sunday, thousands of students, parents, faculty and alumni gathered on the Tufts Medford/Somerville campus for the 2001 Commencement ceremonies.

The Student Handbook is filled with information and policies that have a direct impact on your academic and social life at Tufts, including the Code of Conduct, Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy, FERPA, Hazing Policy, Noise and Off-Campus Disturbances Policy and Policy on Gatherings, Demonstrations, Protests, and Disturbances.

All members of the Tufts community and their guests are expected to abide by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

These laws include the following essential elements: Tufts’ Policy on Alcohol and Other Drugs aims to encourage members of the community to seek assistance for themselves or others who are intoxicated or struggling with substance use.

Sometimes, I wished I had attended Florida State or the University of Arizona where pretty girls had loose morals and made bad choices.

Tufts did offer some fun; I attended fraternity parties in dark basements, swallowed Jell-O shots, and competed at Beer Pong.

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