Effy and tony dating

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Effy and tony dating

" Effy from Skins, known to her parents as Kaya Scodelario, is sitting on the back of a catering bus in a car park in Bristol, explaining that the show's fanbase proves its devotion in unlikely ways.The internet is awash with hormonal reimaginings of what the characters get up to in an alternate universe, and it usually involves manly hugging or fighting that turns into something altogether more sexual.However she was cast in ITV thriller Lightfields, a supernatural five-part drama that aired earlier this year, and will next be seen in a film titled The Fold. Luke Pasqualino Laidback Freddie was the cool dude of Skins series three and four and was played by chiselled actor Luke Pasqualino. horror film The Apparition alongside Twilight’s Ashley Greene and Harry Potter star Tom Felton.He has carried on cult TV fame by playing William Adama in Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome (a one-off TV prequel to the reimagined sci-fi series) and will play D’Artagnan in a TV adaptation of The Musketeers (coincidentally his character in Skins referred to himself and his two best mates as the Three Musketeers).Although seemingly trying to keep a controllable distance from the adolescent conundrum that the 21st century teenagers have created around her, it is not long before she is sucked into the whirlwind of her surroundings.

Skins fans voted it to victory in the Audience Award category at last year's Baftas, beating The X Factor, Coronation Street and The Apprentice.

While we don’t learn that much about Effy (she’s so mysterious! This gives Effy the freedom to go to a warehouse “party”, take E and swing on a sex swing (? And then they go to this super weird party that’s at like a manor with Josh—who appears to know her Tony: 1.

She’s completely silent: Effy only utters a few, completely nonsensical sentences after Josh and his floppy haired friend inject some drug in her system. Embodies the “” lifestyle: Effy has sneaking out down to a science.

However his plan quickly unravels, leaving the friends with a dilemma which requires an urgent solution.

1 February 2007If the world wasn't strange enough, this episode perceives the world through the eyes of Cassie.

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The fans have also had an impact on the focus of the new series.

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