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“She also said to the police some very graphic things about how she expected him to perform, she was a cheap date, she liked sex, she expected him to be able to do what he’s promised; and she said, in essence, to quote her, she was pissed off, so she shot him.” Bell was sentenced to 20 months to 10 years in prison for the assault and another two years on a gun charge; but her attorney filed a motion to get her out on bond pending appeal — and, “strangely” Walton said, the court granted it.Walton believes Bell, who allegedly shot another man — her husband — back in 1991, should remain behind bars as she’s a risk to public safety. “She has demonstrated that her past behavior is…to act out in violence, not necessarily with reason,” Walton said.He nearly died and is still recovering, Walton told the station.The woman was never charged in the 1991 shooting after the victim declined to testify.

They’re generally using the internet to market these young women — young children, actually.” The busts took place at hotels, truck stops and street corners across the U. Minors recovered during the operation are now receiving victim assistance. “They are either turned over to a social services agency or to their parents.” • Detroit Division Federal and local law enforcement recovered a 17-year-old girl who had been reported from her placement by the state.

My newfound support for the soon-to-be President inspired me to connect with other people who shared my political views. I met Matthew Emmanuel-Okeefe Willis of Saint Helen, Michigan on Twitter under the pseudonym of Jason Echolls and the Twitter name of @Real PPOD.

At the time, he presented himself as a Trump fan who ran a podcast revolving around conservative issues.

DETROIT (WWJ) – Michigan continues to be a haven for sex trafficking.

The FBI says its annual sting operation, Cross Country X, has busted 239 sex traffickers and rescued 82 minors being forced to work as child prostitutes.

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“A normal person would walk away from situation when they felt they were being cheated on or leave — not take out a gun and shoot someone.” The court ordered a $10,000 cash bond, which Bell hadn’t posted as of Thursday.