Learning about group policy and updating administrative templates

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Learning about group policy and updating administrative templates

You can configure telemetry at the Security level, turn off Windows Defender telemetry and MSRT reporting, and turn off all other connections to Microsoft network endpoints as described in this article to help prevent Windows from sending any data to Microsoft.

There are many reasons why these communications are enabled by default, such as updating malware definitions and maintain current certificate revocation lists, which is why we strongly recommend against this.

Open up any subfolders until you are inside the policies folder.

We are now looking the GUID of every Group Policy Object (GPO) in our domain.

In this article, we are going to create/update our Group Policy Central Store.

The very big mistake I did to resolve above is, trying to resolve both the problems at same attempt and really mixed up the things and made myself confused.

Between these two builds, the GPO settings for Windows Update for Business and Windows Update Delivery Optimization (WUDO) have changed.

To configure WUDO, open Group Policy Management, expand Computer Configuration, and select Policies Delivery Optimization.

If you're looking for content on what each telemetry level means and how to configure it in your organization, see Configure Windows telemetry in your organization.

Learn about the network connections that Windows components make to Microsoft and also the privacy settings that affect data that is shared with either Microsoft or apps and how they can be managed by an IT Pro.

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