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As a matter of fact, I’m a very visual person in general which is why the elaborate and decadent art direction and vintage inspired, though technically anachronistic, costumes are also appealing to me.

But most of all, I knew I would fall in love with the show because I have a soft spot in my heart for couples who fall in love after growing up as friends and playmates.

But it's not like I talk about my status on the show and say "I'm single and I'm loving life" when really I'm lying and I've really got a boyfriend - it's just something we don't discuss.' A string of recent Instagram shots prove that Rosie is already pretty body confident - and in shape - but the reality TV star wants to set the record straight on the difference between slimming down and toning up.

Adelaide Kane, Toby Regbo and Megan Follows FINALLY gave up some deets on Frary (yay! Plus, Toby and Adelaide revealed what their fandoms call themselves and they're absolutely brilliant!

We had to get out of the hot tub and try to find everyone (laughs). And as far as mess-ups, we have four girls that come to the show every Friday night for the tapings, and they do the "F-up list" and they've tallied up how many times each person messes up a line, and they actually have awards for us at the end of every season! I never really have a good rebuttal when it comes to Melissa.6. And Tahj keeps a pair of pajamas at my house — on certain Friday nights when he's too tired to drive home, he crashes at my place. So somehow everyone ended up in my dressing room, and I had bought the cast onesies as Christmas gifts with our names on the butts and all of a sudden we're all in the onesies in my room, and it became this tradition like every Friday night after the show everyone's like, "Are we going to Bar Chelsea? If you had to be roommates with any of your castmates IRL, who would you choose? He's really clean, he has incredible style — he knows about the latest indie band the first day they've ever released their first single. I also still like twitch at the sound of an english accent saying "Dancing With..." (laughs) it's the last thing I remember. I like totally missed the last letter on this casting call, so that was pretty embarrassing.17. I have a hard time spending a lot of money on clothes, because the minute you spill coffee down it, your day gets real bad. You changed your name from Staub to Kane because it was easier to pronounce — has that helped? Like I think a lot of people are super confused; I've been congratulated on my marriage, and then when they spot me out with someone else it's like, "Ugh, how dare you" I'm like, "I was never married!

Here, Rosie stunned in a Matthew Williamson high neck dress which featured a vibrant palm print, counteracted by its soft feminine chiffon texture. The elegant summer dress is perfect for those chilled out garden parties or day to night ventures when you want to look elegant and chic but not too done up, and its 70s silhouette only adds to its style prowess.I'm still good friends with everybody from Mladi vukodlak (2011). Flown over to test for Cartoon Network's first live action series, Unnatural History (2010), for the role of "Maggie Winnock".I still see them, and I go to Jeff Davis' for 'Teen Wolf' night when I can. There were two actresses selected to test, Adelaide Kane and Italia Ricci. I love it when you like a character, and then she does something you don't like, and you hate her for a while - then you love her again.I'd like to see her have unlikable moments that the audience understands and sympathizes with.

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Available to buy from the Matthew Williamson site with a click to the right, this dress is now reduced to £425 from £875 - so although it seems a tad on the pricey side, it's a well spent investment. Then check out the style edit below for our favourtie tropical inspired numbers from Hallhuber to Topshop, prices starting from £19.99.