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This commercial for the new show Casual on Hulu is sure to make anyone chuckle, especially if you've ever gone Paleo in the name of Cross Fit.Dating has changed somewhat since my day as the smartphone offers a potential connection to someone like-minded with just a swipe.I have told guys on dates that I eat a more Paleo-style diet and explain that it’s mostly meat and veggies. But as I may be going out on dinner dates during my Whole30, I’m not sure the best way to approach it, as I will likely have to be “that girl” who needs to make many modifications. If you find you disagree about beliefs that to have a fun date. You want to give him enough information about the real you to decide whether you’re a good fit, but there’s no need to air all your laundry right out the gate. That is extra dating advice for free right there.) So what, specifically, should you do for your Whole30 date?

Are you ready to lose weight and become a leaner, healthier you? Many people agree that “they just don’t make them like they used to”, and the same can be said for diets. You see, we may be able to build skyscrapers, make things fly, and talk to Aunt Betty in Alaska at the swift click of a button, but physiologically, we haven’t really changed.

In fact there are dedicated sites for seemingly every diet going so maybe if you'd prefer a clean eating Paleo coeliac , then I am sure that's possible too.

Of course we are allowed to look for anything we want in a mate, so why not someone who has a compatible diet?

You can still indicate that you'd like to meet someone who has the height, hair colour and build that appeals to you as well as someone who is perhaps a fellow movie-buff and weekend rambler with your chosen religious beliefs and desire for no more than two children...

But you can specify that they have to a be a raw-foodie too.

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