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"I was a single dude, and she was a pretty girl in her underwear on her first day on set," he explained during a Supernatural panel back in 2012. Meanwhile, I think she was like, 'Who is this long-haired A-hole who thinks he can come talk to me while I'm reading a book?

So, what happens when life throws you a curve ball? He has one guess, and it doesn't look good for anyone involved.

He loves to spend quality time with his children and is their basketball coach. His role as Sam Winchester on ‘Supernatural’ is highly popular.

The couple shares a strong and loving bond and lives in Austin, Texas with their three children.

We're all made up of small oblivious changes that one day turn your life upside down. Jensen hasn't ever, not once, had an issue with his life and their arrangement. But he's not prepared for the men who show him what life used to be like, what it really is, and how it could be.

I’d known that Jared would be trouble from the very moment I’d seen him.

His stature made him look like he belonged there, surrounded by the women undeniably drawn to him, but the stiffness of his slightly-too-big shirt and nervous dart of his eyes gave him away. Jared’s almost thirty, perfect time to find someone to settle down with and start a family. He knows that Jared will still visit him, but it will be nothing like it is now.

He was an overgrown puppy let out to play, overwhelmed and entranced by the bass and the alcohol and the tiny skirts. Nevertheless I’d been unable to stop my gaze drifting back to him time and time again, and when his eyes had found mine that first time; when he’d looked and smiled and those dimples had appeared… He’ll be lucky if he gets to see Jared three times a month. He’ll sit back, be the best man at the wedding, force out a happy speech to the couple and spend the rest of his life drowning in alcohol. In his lifetime, he’s had plenty of opportunities for relationships. Jensen wants Jared, and he’s not going to settle for anyone else.

He was supposed to start further studies at the University of Texas, but instead, he decided to take up acting as his profession and hence moved to Los Angeles for it.

Like say, stranded on the highway with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles? Jensen Ackles is married to Emma Ackles, an established, A-List celebrity with major star power. It's been five years since Supernatural, since Jared had a steady job and really felt like himself.

This story is pure fiction but can you imagine how much life could change from one little encounter? Theirs is a marriage of convenience, unbeknownst to the rest of the world outside their lawyers and close circle. When he decides to spend the holidays back in Texas, he's ready for the guilt trips, the tension, and feeling vaguely unwelcome.

It’s as true today as it was back then, six years ago when I’d clapped eyes on him across a dancefloor in California.

He’d stood out instantly even though the club was choked with sweaty, grinding bodies; at 6 foot something I suppose that’s not entirely surprising.

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